How Cannabis Is Booming across the Silver State - Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary

Last November, voters finally ushered in the end to marijuana prohibition in Las Vegas and greater Nevada. Recreational marijuana sales in Nevada officially began on midnight of July 1, 2017. The cannabis green rush has been booming not only in Las Vegas, but Reno and Sparks, as well.

Recreational Sales in Nevada Go from Blooming to Booming

As of midnight on July 1, thousands of people were lined up across the state at the medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada that had been issued recreational marijuana licenses. One month later, more dispensaries in Reno, Las Vegas, and Southern Nevada opened up for recreational sales. Sales are still robust, especially for those who are selling outside of the confines of Sin City.

Recreational marijuana sales spark success in Sparks

Although recreational marijuana sales in the city of Sparks didn’t start until July 14, dispensary owners immediately saw a boost in business, especially in comparison to the opening of medical marijuana sales.

Employee of Greenleaf Wellness, Brandon Clegg says, “When we opened with only medical sales, it was rough, but now since we’ve offered rec, it’s been nice.”

Sparks wasn’t the only city in Nevada to wait before passing final ordinances that would allow for the local sale of recreational marijuana. Earlier this spring, the city of Henderson declared a six-month moratorium on recreational marijuana sales to allow the city time to learn from the regulation of Las Vegas’ recreational market.

Reno dispensaries report solid recreational sales

No matter which day they started selling recreational marijuana in Nevada, medical marijuana facilities and dispensaries have credited the boost they see in business from the newly legal recreational market. Even rumors of shortages have seemed to work in favor of some locations in Reno. According to Silver State Patient Intake Coordinator Megan Aingimea, the launch of recreational sales brought in more medical patients who wanted to make sure they stocked up on their preferred strains and products.

According to the Nevada Dispensary Association, during the first four days of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, the state made an estimated $1 million from taxes while dispensaries grossed as much as $3 million. Final numbers for the first month of recreational marijuana sales statewide will be available later in September, but early sales numbers have already exceeded the expectations of cannabis business owners and the state alike.

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