Denver Relief Consulting Highlights Las Vegas ReLeaf’s Opening

By January 17th, 2020 One Comment

In the latest Denver Relief Consulting Newsletter, Las Vegas ReLeaf’s grand opening takes center stage. Denver Relief worked with Las Vegas ReLeaf and helped them open their doors to Nevada Patients and traveling patients. With Las Vegas ReLeaf being one of only four dispensaries open in the state of Nevada, this grand opening was a celebrated success in the cannabis community. The grand opening on October 7, 2015, led to what is now an actively running dispensary seven days a week. This is just the beginning of the cannabis industry in Nevada. As Denver Reliefs newsletter states, “The Nevada cannabis industry is expected to create thousands of needed jobs.” Their involvement with Las Vegas ReLeaf’s opening marks one more state on their way to help people across the world, one that Las Vegas ReLeaf is particularly proud of.
Denver Relief’s hard work and knowledge has not only helped Las Vegas ReLeaf open its doors but also other dispensaries around the country and even Canada. They are currently working to help Illinois patients get their much needed access to the medicine and relief. Their active involvement with the international cannabis community has also made them an invaluable resource for Las Vegas ReLeaf. We are proud to be their client and excited to continue working with them in the future, assisting all medical marijuana patients get their rightly deserved access to their medicine.
With the support of important cannabis organizations like Denver Relief Consulting, Las Vegas ReLeaf will help lead the way to legal access to medical marijuana in Nevada and around the country. Providing our patients with safe, legal and quality “releaf” they need is our primary goal at Las Vegas ReLeaf.,

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