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The Las Vegas recreational dispensary market is chock-full of options for the modern marijuana consumer. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or an adult use consumer, there are certain things you should know about marijuana, especially when it comes to the differences between marijuana flower vs. cannabis concentrates.

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Why consumers are flocking toward cannabis concentrates

With all of the options available to cannabis consumers in Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries, we’ve noticed that more customers than ever are asking about our cannabis concentrates and the different ways to consume them. When it comes to flower vs. cannabis concentrates, the vast differential in concentrate potency is what makes cannabis smokers switch from flower to wax.

Flower vs. Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re a curious cannabis consumer, make sure you know these three fun facts about marijuana flower vs. cannabis concentrates before you go on your next shopping trip at a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary.

A concentrate by any other name may be just as potent

As veteran cannabis smokers know, there are literally thousands of different cannabis strains for patients and consumers to pick from. When it comes to extracted forms of cannabis, the term ‘concentrate’ is an umbrella term that refers to a vast array of different cannabis extraction methods and concentrates.


Types of concentrates:


  1. Shatter
  2. Wax
  3. Crumble
  4. Sugar
  5. Resin
  6. Honey oil
  7. Rick Simpson oil
  8. Tinctures
  9. Hash
  10. Capsules
  11. Sap
  12. Rosin
  13. Honeycomb

While the sheer number of different names for cannabis concentrates can seem daunting, don’t be intimidated. Wax, sugar, crumble, shatter, sap, honeycomb, and oil are typically used in reference to the texture of cannabis concentrate as opposed to referring to extraction method or potency.

When it comes to flower vs. oil, concentrates are more potent

The most obvious distinction between cannabis flower and marijuana concentrates is potency. While cannabis flower potency tends to range between 10% and 25% THC, cannabis concentrates deliver between 50% and 80% THC, with craft or medical extracts testing as high as 90% THC content. That means a concentrate vs. flower high will be more intense and longer-lasting.

As you can imagine, dosing such a potent form of cannabis can make dosing a bit trickier. If you are a new toker or if this is your first foray into the wonderful world of cannabis concentrates, try a mild or non-psychoactive concentrate that is heavier in CBD than THC. If potency is a concern, you may also want to try hash or tinctures instead as these tend to have lower THC content than other kinds of concentrates.

Concentrates can be consumed in different ways

When it comes to smoking flower vs. cannabis concentrates, you don’t have that many options. Bud can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, or rolled in a joint, but that’s about it. Alternately, those who opt to dose with concentrates have a greater variety of smoking options.

Here are some ways to consume cannabis concentrates:

  • Dabbing using a tabletop or portable dab rig
  • Consuming ingestible oils in edibles or capsules
  • Sublingual tinctures
  • Vaporize hash and oils with a vape pen

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If you’re having trouble deciding between flower vs. cannabis concentrates, call or stop by our Las Vegas dispensary to talk to a budtender about what product is best for your needs. The ReLeaf you’ve been looking for is literally around the corner—we’ll see you soon!