You Know Marijuana is Medically Beneficial When…

By January 17th, 2020 No Comments

You know marijuana has medical benefits when the nation’s largest drugstore just posted an article discussing its many possible medical benefits. You’ve read that right – Walgreens wants to talk about marijuana, and we’re listening.
Reading through the post, it’s not exactly clear on which side Walgreens stands in the marijuana legalization debate. In fact, a Walgreen Co. spokesman states that “the content is strictly informative” and that information includes highlighting the proven medical benefits of marijuana for pain relief, nausea and muscle stiffness.
You know marijuana has medical benefits when over 85 percent of American voters “acknowledge that cannabis is a safe and effective treatment” that should be legal. More than half of the American public now live in areas where medical marijuana is legal. And no one is really complaining except the big pharmaceutical companies who are at risk of losing millions of dollars to the (more effective with less side effects) medical cannabis industry.
You know marijuana has medical benefits when the DEA is planning to reconsider marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance to a lower classification. Marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 23 states and Washington D.C. The piling evidence shows that this is no mistake: Marijuana has medical benefits, and it’s been proven in multiple studies. However, federally speaking, marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I substance (the same classification as heroin, LSD, methaqualone and others), substances which have no medical benefits. The DEA is finally figuring out this 35-year long blunder and is due to reconsider marijuana’s classification status soon.
We’ve known about the medical benefits of marijuana for a long time. In fact, people centuries before us (dating as far back as the Ancient Greeks) also knew of the medical benefits of marijuana. It might be awhile before you can pick out your preferred strain of medical cannabis at the Walgreens or Rite Aid, but that’s what medical marijuana dispensaries are for.
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