Las Vegas ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Kosher Kush

By January 20th, 2020 No Comments

Las Vegas ReLeaf’s May strain of the month is none other than Kosher Kush, a strong indica strain averaging over 20% THC.
Despite its name, Kosher Kush is not a rabbi-blessed cannabis. However, according to Reserva Privada, Kosher Kush originated in LA and was jokingly referred to as “Jew’s Gold.” Unhappy with the name, but in love with the strain, Reserva Privada acquired the strain from local growers and started growing it themselves. They knew the strain needed a name change if it was going to make it big in the cannabis community, but they wanted to honor the original grower’s ideas and renamed it “Kosher Kush.”
The reason for this name? They say people who get the chance to try this strain feel blessed for the opportunity to try such a unique, heavy-hitting indica strain. In fact, this indica dominant strain is well known for its strong effects and continuous production of high THC levels.
Kosher Kush is such a strong and unique indica strain that some samples of the strain can test over 29% THC. Kosher Kush even won the High Times Cannabis Cup best indica two years in a row and won the best strain in 2011.
Kosher Kush comes with a unique scent of earth and fruit, and its smoke tastes like earthy pine. The strain is well-liked among heavy pot smokers and long-time medical marijuana patients. Its effects will leave users feeling relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, happy and hungry. Kosher Kush is great for relieving chronic pain, stress and depression. It’s also a highly effective strain at battling insomnia and lack of appetite. Negative effects might include dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness in some users.
At Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary, the Kosher Kush strain is over 22% THC and .18% CBD. A gram of Kosher Kush will cost you $17.37 at Las Vegas ReLeaf, and an eighth will cost about $55. You can also purchase larger quantities. Click on our menu to see more prices.