Local Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Bringing Business Back to the North End of the Strip

By January 16th, 2020 No Comments

Medical marijuana dispensaries located on or near the Strip are determined to bring in business from around the world. With Nevada’s reciprocity law, they are able to legally serve patients from around the world with legal marijuana licenses.
How has Nevada’s reciprocity law affected marijuana business around the Strip? About half of Las Vegas ReLeaf’s customer base comes from out of state (mostly California). But, patients come from all over the world to try Las Vegas medical marijuana when they visit.
Las Vegas ReLeaf and Essence Cannabis Dispensary are both medical marijuana dispensaries located on/near the north end of the Strip. Locals and business owners hope the new marijuana dispensaries bring in people from around the world to help revitalize business in the north end of the Strip, which has struggled for business for years.
On the corner of Sahara and Paradise, Las Vegas ReLeaf marijuana dispensary is located just steps off the Strip, bringing new business to this area for six months now. Because our dispensary not only accepts out of state medical marijuana cards but also licenses from around the world, we are excited to bring more attention to the north end of the Strip and be part of the revitalization of business in the area.
Las Vegas ReLeaf marketing manager states that “as the regulations and pricing structures…and supply starts matching needs demand, you will start seeing a norming of the market,” which will only lead to further increase in business from travelers and locals alike.
Local residents in the area are intrigued by medical marijuana businesses emerging, and many await how much this activity will actually help their local businesses.
Another obvious benefit this Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensary offers is how much the medical
marijuana business will help local schools. The taxes from marijuana pay for local schools. and have already raised $91,000 between last July and December. That number continues to grow.
Watch Fox 5 Local News for more information on Las Vegas ReLeaf and other local marijuana businesses looking to revitalize business on the north end of the Strip.,