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Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Dutch Treat

By February 6th, 2020 No Comments

Anyone who’s a fan of marijuana knows that Amsterdam coffee shops have some of the best and highest potency strains in the world. One of those strains is none other than Dutch Treat.

Medical Marijuana Strain Guide to Dutch Treat


The Dutch Treat is a hybrid marijuana strain and Amsterdam staple, commonly found in many of Amsterdam’s famous coffeeshops. This strain is a hybrid mix of Indica and Sativa, leaving users feeling an instant head rush followed by a relaxing body high. Medical marijuana users commonly feel a sense of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and creativity while taking the Dutch Treat.

Medical benefits of the Dutch Treat include relief from stress, depression, and pain. Users with PTSD, ADHD, migraines, and arthritis may medically benefit from Dutch Treat. Medical marijuana users may also feel relief from insomnia or fatigue, depending on how long ago they ingested the strain. The most common negative effects medical marijuana users report are dry eyes and dry mouth.

At Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary, you can find the Dutch Strain at 22.53% THC. The dense buds smell potent like fruit and pine, and the smoke tastes like sweet pine and earth. Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf to see the Dutch Treat for yourself and learn more about the medical benefits this medical marijuana strain provides.

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