Medical Marijuana Travel Tips for the Holidays

By January 20th, 2020 No Comments

Traveling is common this time of year. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular travel times for people across the country, but for those with medical marijuana, travel can be a bit more challenging. In addition to challenges brought on by difficult medical conditions, traveling with a federally illegal substance such as medical marijuana can make travel very difficult for medical cannabis patients. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling this holiday season with medical marijuana.
Traveling within the state – For those registered with a medical marijuana card within their state, local travel should not be problematic for medical marijuana patients. Remember the laws of the maximum amount of medical marijuana allowed during travel within your state or county to avoid any problems with law enforcement on the road. Also, do not travel with medical marijuana plants, as this transportation is highly restrictive in most medical marijuana states.
Traveling out of the state – Traveling with medical marijuana over state or country lines is federally illegal. This makes it challenging to travel with medical marijuana across state lines, and we would recommend avoiding this action to avoid legal repercussions. For those traveling to Las Vegas from out of state, they can come to Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary to legally access medical marijuana during their stay in Las Vegas. Even medical marijuana patients traveling from outside the country can now access legal medical marijuana at Las Vegas ReLeaf medical cannabis dispensary.
Flying or driving – Patients flying with medical marijuana run the risk of being detained and arrested when going through airport security. There are some airports that are medical marijuana friendly, however, most are not due to federal regulations. Even in states with legal medical marijuana, it may not be legal in every part of the state and flying runs a risk of entering the airspace of these state sections.
Always check your rights as a medical marijuana patient in your state and the state you are traveling to. Some states, like Nevada, can legally provide medical marijuana access to traveling patients with a qualified medical marijuana card. Las Vegas ReLeaf medical cannabis dispensary provides legal medication to traveling MMJ patients from out-of-state and out-of-country.,