New Year’s Resolution to be Healthier? Read Five Healthy Ways to Ingest Your Medical Marijuana

By January 13th, 2020 No Comments

With the many ways to consume medical marijuana, smoking tends to be the most popular. However, smoking medical marijuana is not necessarily the healthiest way to ingest the plant. For those looking to be healthier in the new year, consider alternative methods of consuming your medical marijuana to avoid harsh respiratory effects that smoking may have.
Medical Marijuana Consumption Alternatives
Vaporizing – The most common replacement of smoking marijuana is vaping it. Whether it be through a handheld vaporizer pen or a larger vaping device like a volcano, vaping is gaining in popularity. The vaporizer heats up the marijuana to an optimal temperature and does not include the harmful effects that come with regular smoking. One professor of clinical medicine even stated that “there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products” that are found in regular smoking.
Edibles – The effects of consuming edibles provide virtually no harmful products typically found in smoking. Edibles are commonly used for those suffering with ailments that provide chronic bodily pain, making edible marijuana a preferable choice of medicine. However, edible marijuana runs the risk of over-consumption if you eat too much at one time. See this blog for good tips when ingesting edible marijuana for the first time.
Topicals – Another alternative form of ingesting marijuana is topically. Marijuana topicals commonly include balms, lotions, salves, spray and ointments. Topicals are very effective in treating those with arthritis, chapped skin, eczema, muscle pain, sunburns, joint pain and even tendonitis. There are no known harmful effects of this form of treatment, but topical marijuana may not be best for those who suffer different ailments.
Tinctures and Tonics – Medical cannabis can be made into tincture form, which is then added to food, drink or directly under the tongue. Marijuana tinctures and tonics are made in a similar method as edible marijuana, but instead of butter, the cannabis is soaked in alcohol. The best way to ingest this form of medical marijuana is to start slowly to avoid over-consumption. Otherwise, this form of medical marijuana has no negative effects to speak of.
For those looking to be healthier in the new year, but cannot give up medical marijuana that helps treat a chronic or depilating ailment, consider looking at new ways to ingest the plant. These are just a few healthy ways to ingest marijuana. Las Vegas ReLeaf’s medical marijuana dispensary is highly trained to help medical marijuana patients in Las Vegas and traveling to find the best medical marijuana and method of consumption for them and their condition. Call or visit today to get answers to specific question you have in regard to consuming your medical marijuana.,