News 3 Reports Medical Marijuana Advertising, and Las Vegas ReLeaf is Leading the Way

By January 17th, 2020 No Comments

Las Vegas ReLeaf, a Nevada medical marijuana dispensary, is the first Las Vegas city dispensary to launch a new advertising campaign that could be the beginning of the marijuana advertisement policy change in Sin City.
News 3 reports that Most businesses and industries have the ability to advertise on billboards, but when it comes to medical marijuana in Las Vegas, billboards are strictly regulated. Medical marijuana dispensary owners within city limits say the city’s strict advertising rules make it difficult for them to compete. There are over 9200 Clark County residents who have a medical marijuana card, and city marijuana dispensaries like Las Vegas ReLeaf are not able to reach these residents through traditional advertising methods that other dispensaries have access to.
Why can some Nevada marijuana dispensaries advertise on billboards and some can’t?
Sahara Avenue is an interesting street. If you are south of Sahara, you can advertise publicly in Clark Country. If you are north of Sahara, you are in the city limits of Las Vegas and billboard advertising is simply not allowed. Once the marijuana market was open and the county’s regulations were compared to the city’s regulations, the differences found were detrimental for Las Vegas dispensaries, from a competitive perspective.
In a city where billboard advertisement is everywhere, including marijuana billboards, marijuana dispensaries within city limits are not given the same tools to compete that Clark County dispensaries have. Since ReLeaf falls in Las Vegas city limits, the regulation behind advertising is harsh, and billboard advertising was strictly prohibited…until now.
Las Vegas ReLeaf has been working hard to change this discrepancy, so all Las Vegas and Clark County marijuana dispensaries are given the same tools to compete for patients’ business. As it stood up until now, Las Vegas ReLeaf was only allowed to hang a small sign on their building, which is not even visible from the street corner.
Last week, the first big step was made to give medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas city limits the chance to advertise along with everyone else in Clark County. The Las Vegas city council unanimously voted to abandon city ordinance and let Las Vegas ReLeaf test out a new advertising campaign that was previously not allowed. ‘

ReLeaf was granted temporary allowance to strategically place three new advertising billboards for a trial 12-month period. Each billboard is located at least 2,000 feet from the nearest schools, churches, parks and residential areas.
This decision is crucial to level the playing field for Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensaries to compete with Clark County medical marijuana dispensaries.
Billboards are a tactic that can help steer patients to legitimate and legal medical marijuana dispensaries, such as Las Vegas ReLeaf. Other Clark County dispensaries and medical marijuana business have been able to use to billboards. It is time for Las Vegas ReLeaf to be able to use billboards to advertise legally approved marijuana, too.
Las Vegas ReLeaf’s billboards will be the only three medical marijuana billboards you will see in the city of Las Vegas for a while. The city council will watch ReLeaf’s trial run and future decisions will be made regarding these strict advertising regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries. Until then, look out for the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary billboards, going up along Sahara Avenue.,