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Weed beer is near, and it’s gonna get weird

Maze of laws involving pot and alcohol isn’t stopping big deals between cannabis and booze companies. Would you drink marijuana-infused beer? Beer companies think so, but they are going to have to navigate a hazy path of rules and regulations to find out. Two Roots...

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Why You Should Say “NO” to Synthetic Weed

As you already know, cannabis has a long, complicated relationship with humanity. Even as more states become cannabis-friendly—or at least tolerant—pharmaceutical companies are still trying to break into the market void. A void that was created by the continued...

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What is Microdosing? The Future of Medicating with Marijuana

Quite possibly the very first to recognize the powerful potential of microdosing was Albert Hofmann. Alber Hofmann was the Swiss scientist behind the well known psychedelic drug, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Before he died in 2008 at the ripe old age of 102,...

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What is the Entourage Effect for Cannabinoids and Terpenes?

Despite the ongoing battle for the end of cannabis prohibition in America, there is an ever-increasing body of work dedicated to exploring the chemical composition of the cannabis plant. You may already know about cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN. But do you know...

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The Surprising Benefits of Cooking with Cannabis

Variety is the spice of life and, at Las Vegas ReLeaf, is it also one of the reasons our customers come to our Nevada dispensary. From concentrates on cannabis edibles, and even cannabis-infused elixirs, people who prefer marijuana edibles are getting higher AND...

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Put Down the Fast Food! Try These Healthy Munchies Instead

Although many medical marijuana patients consume cannabis because of its ability to stimulate a patient’s appetite, getting the munchies all the time can get expensive and unhealthy. The next time you’re feeling hangry, opt for these easy and delicious healthy...

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Which Country Consumes the Most Marijuana

Marijuana has made its way around the world. Many places have become marijuana friendly countries and others, not so much. But which country consumes the most cannabis? According to data from the United Nations, Iceland consumed the most marijuana back in 2012. Here’s...

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Strange Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

Smoking isn’t the only way to benefit from medical marijuana. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary, we always keep an ear out for new, ingenious ways to consume medical marijuana. In the dispensary, we have more than just dry flowers and concentrates...

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Try the Tasty Terpenes in These Summer Strains

Recreational marijuana sales are hitting at least 25 dispensaries in Clark County. What better time to highlight some of our favorite—and tastiest—strain picks for the summer? It’s time to try out these tasty marijuana terpenes. Our Top Summer Strain Picks for Tasty...

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