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New York Launches Metered Medical Marijuana Dosing

Once New York gives out five highly coveted licenses to legally grow and sell medical cannabis next month, there will be a transformation in the way marijuana data is captured and used. Among the requirements for obtaining a license is the use of metered dosing....

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NSW Dedicates $9 Million to Medicinal Cannabis Research

The New South Wales (NSW) State Government has announced that it will begin to find trials regarding the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis. The budget allows for $9 million to be supplied over the next four years. Money distribution will begin in the 2015-2016...

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Veterans Find Relief in Medicinal Marijuana

When military veterans return from stints overseas, they often bring home with them many traumatic memories of horrific scenes and experiences which can cause a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. This condition can cause severe symptoms that...

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$1 Million of Marijuana Found on South Padre Island Beach

Over $1 million of marijuana has been found hidden underneath sand on South Padre Island. The heap of cannabis was discovered after the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip. Found at two separate locations, the local deputies called in the...

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