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Marijuana Millionaire’s and the Canadian Wave

With new marijuana laws put into place here in the United States, it’s interesting to see how other countries are tagging along. For example, one of those countries is Canada, and Canada’s recreational marijuana laws just changed. This provides new opportunities for...

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Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Eric McCray

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we are very the first marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. Not only that, but we’re the best Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. Why? Because we have the most incredible staff working here. So here’s another staff spotlight, celebrating the work that...

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Bipartisan Support for Marijuana is at an All-Time High

A late 2017 Gallup poll found the overall support for the legalization of marijuana is at an all-time high of 64% among the American public. For the first in the poll’s history, a majority of Republicans supported to legalize marijuana at 51%, a nine-point jump from...

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Battle Royale: Marijuana versus Painkillers

Medical marijuana advertisements showcase is its effective benefits for treating many ailments and conditions. Ailments treated by cannabis cover a full spectrum, but none is more significant than pain. In fact, many who were once hooked on pain pills now take medical...

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What Makes Las Vegas ReLeaf the Best Dispensary in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas ReLeaf is one of the dispensaries in the city of Las Vegas legally approved to sell medical and recreational marijuana. Sin City is home to many dispensaries since the legalization of recreational marijuana in July 2017. Our store’s special offerings make it...

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The Las Vegas ReLeaf Guide to Your First Time Trying Edibles

Both medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users are turning to marijuana edibles to get their high. Edibles provide cannabis connoisseurs with a safer way to ingest their favorite marijuana strains. Your first time trying edibles may be an overwhelming...

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Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Marcus Lehner

The team at Las Vegas ReLeaf is dedicated to serving the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In an effort to acknowledge the hard work of our dedicated staff, we are bringing back our monthly staff spotlight. This month, we are honoring our Lead Dispensary...

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The Complicated History of Marijuana at the Olympics

The only thing older than the Olympics is using marijuana is a medical treatment. Attitudes toward the use of medical and recreational marijuana are rapidly changing all over the world. The complicated history of marijuana at the Olympics is taking a more positive...

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