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Marijuana Friendly Music Festivals

The legalization of recreational marijuana is nearly one year old, but music festivals have been celebrating cannabis consumption for years. Many marijuana friendly music festivals call Las Vegas their home and even more 420 events more take place on the West Coast....

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How Much Do You Know About Marijuana?

How much do you know about marijuana? Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational cannabis enthusiast, get ready to test your cannabis knowledge and marijuana skillz with these stoner trivia questions and answers from Las Vegas ReLeaf! How Much Do You Know...

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The Fight for Veteran Access to Cannabis Continues in 2018

Even as more than half of American states have established their own legal marijuana markets for either medical marijuana patients or both patients and recreational consumers, veterans still struggle for access to cannabis. Learn more about why our Nevada dispensary...

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Myrcene: Synergistic Cannabis Terpene

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemicals, some of these, like cannabinoids, we have only just begun to fully understand. Others, however, like terpenes, have been known about and used for thousands of years. Myrcene is one of the commonly occurring terpenes...

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

How long does marijuana stay in your system? Most veteran cannabis consumers know medical marijuana can stay in our bodies for an incredibly long time. Further, because the effects of cannabis are individual, the rate at which your body eliminates traces of THC is...

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Pot Lounges in Las Vegas May Be the First in the Nation

With a name like Sin City, it’s undeniable that Las Vegas has a reputation for regulating the unregulatable. When recreational marijuana sales launched in July, Nevada became the most regulated cannabis market in the country. That’s why Las Vegas officials are...

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