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Why You Should Be Incorporating Raw Cannabis into Your Diet

As the cannabis industry in Nevada and the rest of the country develops, customers at Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries are continually getting access to safer, cleaner, and cheaper cannabis remedies. While you may know about eating cannabis edibles, do you know why...

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Do You Know Why American Farmers Support Pot, Too?

Once upon a time, industrial hemp dominated the American landscape. A hardy and dynamic cash crop, industrial hemp was one of the first domesticated plants known to man, used in everything from textiles and rope to paper. However, once federal hemp laws changed on the...

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Nevada Gaming Commission Revisits Recreational Marijuana

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2017, the 12 members of the Nevada Gaming Commission began their review of recreational marijuana laws in Nevada. Find out how these fit in with recreational marijuana rules in casinos, if at all. Nevada Gaming Commission Discusses Recreational...

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Wacky Ways to Smoke Weed before the End of 2017

Ever since recreational marijuana sales have launched in Nevada, your Las Vegas dispensary has been helping cannabis consumers from across the country and around the world obtain premium cannabis flower and marijuana products. As one of the first and best dispensaries...

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Recreational Marijuana Sales Spark Interest on Tribal Lands

There’s no doubt that state governments are starting to consider cannabis as a cash cow. As recreational marijuana news sparks an increasingly urgent push for federal legalization, native tribes want a piece of the green rush, too. Tribes Leverage the Economic Power...

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What Do You Know about Pot across the Pond?

Although many of us grew up listening to tall tales about Amsterdam and its cannabis cafes, marijuana laws have been changing in Europe since 2001. Currently, six of the 28 nation states of the European Union have decriminalized or legalized cannabis. Discover more...

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