Across the country every week, recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are making headlines. From reports on the therapeutic applications of medical cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic pain, cancer, and a host of other medical problems, to law enforcement and community concerns, there’s no question that pot is a hot topic in the in US.

Fighting the Marijuana Stigma to Save Patients Lives

As recreational marijuana weaves its way through the states, there’s no doubt that many communities are confused and concerned about what the ramifications of legalizing marijuana will be in their communities. Although much of this stigma and prejudice is a direct result of the PR campaign that criminalized marijuana decades ago, it is imperative that the therapeutic applications of medical cannabis be communicated to the public by legitimate informational sources.

Medical marijuana laws saving senior lives in the US

As a drug with undeniable potential as a therapeutic alternative to opioids, marijuana has great potential to help improve the quality of life for senior citizens, especially those who are on opioid or NSAID regimens. One case, featured by the New York Times, highlighted how New York City’s nursing homes implementing such a program to help their residents use a legal medical marijuana program to treat illnesses with alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.


Due to patient demand, at least 12 assisted living facilities in Washington state are also participating in a similar program. Residents can purchase medical cannabis from a marijuana dispensary and take their medication on their own. When it’s not in use, their medical cannabis is legally and safely stored in a locked container in their rooms.

According to the New York Times, no nursing homes have lost financing or been penalized for allowing the use of medical marijuana by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at this time.

Students no more like to try legal pot than illegal pot

The Washington Post recently reported that a survey of 37,000 middle and high school students in Washington and Colorado found that full marijuana legalization had no apparent effect on students’ propensity to use marijuana. Not only does the data suggest legalization in these states has not resulted in a spike in marijuana use among teens but rather a decrease, at least in Colorado’s case.

Still a long way to go

Even as more data supporting medical marijuana comes, it’s clear that recreational markets are still facing significant hurdles. From the costs of cannabis to the inability of patients to get insurance coverage for their medication and limited distribution centers, advocacy is more important now than ever if we are to correct these injustices.

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