Store Pickup

Placing your order first thing in the morning (8am) is the fastest way to have your order delivered. Orders placed before 4pm are considered Same-Day delivery, based on order volumes for the day.

Store Pickup. What to expect.

Enjoy the convenience of store pickup.


Place your order online or in store

No in-store consultations will take place.


You will receive a text notification when your order is ready for pickup.

Upon entry of the dispensary

Wear a face mask before entering the dispensary . A security guard will scan your ID and notify fulfillment. Please stand by a social distance market to ensure proper distance from other customers. NO MINORS can be present. Service will be refused to those that do not comply.

Inside the dispensary

When entering the dispensing area, please stand on the marker in front of the display case to confirm or place an order with the Dispensary Agent. You will then move forward to the standing marker at the register to finalize your purchase.

Order Total

Upon confirmation, we will share the order total. Place the cash in a bin to avoid hand to hand contact. When paying with a debit card, use the debit terminal, which will be sanitized after each use.


Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the product and change in a child resistant bag. You may now exit the dispensary. Thank you for your purchase.
Ordering online. What to expect.

Here’s How You Place Your Online Order. It’s easy.

Add to Cart

Visit and add items to your cart by clicking the plus sign next to your desired item


Once your order is completed, click on the cart at the top of the menu to begin check out

Create Account or Login

You will be prompted to create an account or login. This is a separate account from Weedmaps/loyalty.

Verify Cart

Once your account is complete, you can view your cart. Enter any promo codes you may have at this time.

Select Pickup

Select “Pickup” and a desired time. Verify your information is correct.

Payment & Order Confirmation

Payment is cash at this time. Confirm your Pickup order.

Marijuana made easy.
Click. Pick. Drive Over.
Then ReLeaf is in your hands.

Your cannabis pick up just got easier with our medical marijuana delivery service. Our 24 hour dispensary makes for an unforgettable Vegas night.