With more Americans turning to marijuana for therapeutic relief than ever and five states plus DC allowing for the production, distribution, and regulation of adult use cannabis, a lot of newly minted smokers are turning to marijuana vaporizers and vape pens for their dosing needs.

What Is Vaporizing?

Although it may sound like a term straight out of Star Wars, a marijuana vaporizer heats cannabis or concentrate to a temperature that activates the THC but does not burn the marijuana flower or concentrate you’re smoking.

Because of this lack of combustion, vaporizing means you won’t inhale as many carcinogens—instead, about 95% of what you smoke will be pure vapor. Some health reasons newbies and seasoned smokers alike turn to marijuana vaporizers include:

  • Because of the heating methods involved, vaporized cannabis is more potent and efficient than smoked flower.
  • Vaping means less smoke and less exposure to carcinogens.
  • Vaping is better for your oral health.
  • Vaporizer smoke doesn’t smell like the traditional flower, which empowers patients to dose discreetly and comfortably.
  • When using a vaporizer for marijuana flowers instead of a concentrate, you can reuse the cannabis bud to make brownies and other edibles at home.
  • Because of its efficacy, vaporizing your marijuana will make your weed last longer than it would if you’re smoking it.

Picking the Marijuana Vaporizer That’s Right for You

Although there are cannabis vaporizers for smokers of every size, shape, and dosing requirements, the market is full of discreet, portable options that you can take with you to dose on the go.

Vape Pens that use a cartomizer or a ‘clearomizer’

For those smokers looking for a stronger head change, using an oil vaporizer will be one of your best bets. The cartridges themselves, are the cartomizers and ‘clearomizers.’ These marjijuana vaporizers come as disposable, one-time use pens, similar to e-cigs or with re-usable batteries that allow you to simply swap out cartridges when yours is empty.

  • Butane Extracted Oils: Las Vegas happens to be a great marketplace for concentrates that contain high percentages of THC. In many of these, the main ingredient in these cartridges is Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO or “dabs.”
  • Wax Cartridges: Wax cartridges are filled with a form of solid marijuana concentrate, like shatter. A wax vaporizer pen melts the wax in these cartridges so patients can inhale the vaporized concentrate.
  • Vape pens for marijuana flower: Some premium vape pens can handle both extracts and dry herb. While heating these may take longer than other portable vape pens, these cannabis vaporizers provide dosing flexibility for medical marijuana patients and adult recreational cannabis consumers.

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