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Rules and Regulations of Marijuana in Nevada

By January 16th, 2020 One Comment

Since medical marijuana first became legalized in Nevada in 2000, the rules and regulations for the industry have been slow to follow. Now, 16 years later, the Nevada marijuana industry is finally a well-regulated system that provides patients legal access to medical marijuana. But, regulations come with rules, and it’s important for medical marijuana cardholders to know these marijuana laws, so they don’t accidentally find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Nevada Marijuana Legalization

In Clark County alone, there are over 13,000 active medical marijuana patients. All across Nevada, “to use medical marijuana legally you are expected to play by the rules.” There are several restrictions for patients who hold a Nevada medical marijuana card, some more serious than others.
The most important thing for marijuana patients to do is to educate themselves on the medical marijuana laws. Just because you can legally access your medicine doesn’t mean you are free from prosecution if you break the rules with that medicine.

Nevada Marijuana Laws

One of the most important laws to follow is to not drive while under the influence of marijuana. Just like other medication, you should not drive while under the influence. However, marijuana can stay in the system for days after use, making it difficult to determine exactly who is under the influence and who smoked yesterday. A blood test can reveal how much marijuana is in the system, but an AAA study found that there is no effective way to test if someone is currently under the influence. Marijuana advocates believe it is unjust to use an ineffective blood test that can lead to a DUI or jail time. Who can blame them?
Another law marijuana advocates take issue with is the fact that marijuana card holders cannot possess a medical marijuana card and a firearm at the same time. While we agree that you should not hold a firearm while under the influence of marijuana, it is an American right to carry arms to defend yourself in your home. Jason Sturtsman states, “To deny a medical marijuana patient… someone who just wants to help them get to sleep or reduce their pain the night before and not be able to go into a store the next day and be able to purchase a firearm is a travesty.”
Jason Sturtsman is a medical marijuana patient, the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary manager and vice president of WECAN. As a medical marijuana advocate, he says, “Cannabis is medicine.” It improves the lives of many people in Nevada and across the country. While he believes in putting in place proper regulations (such as always keeping edibles locked up and in childproof bags), he does point out some current rules that are unjust or just plain silly.

More Marijuana Rules in Nevada

Some of the more amusing marijuana rules in Nevada include prohibition from water activities (like surfing!) and amusement parks. While there will rarely be police lining up at the New York, New York rollercoaster, police officials will keep an eye on the public use of marijuana, which is absolutely prohibited. Speaking of prohibited places to smoke, marijuana patients can also not use marijuana while visiting county jail (go figure) and while delivering medication to other marijuana patients.
If you have children, keep away the THC or you could find yourself in an abuse/neglect situation with law enforcement.  
See a complete list of the rules and regulations for marijuana patients in Nevada. As a medical marijuana patient, remember to keep these medical marijuana laws in mind, so you don’t land yourself in a difficult legal situation when you are simply just trying to medicate. If you have questions about marijuana legalization in Nevada, contact Las Vegas ReLeaf, a medical marijuana dispensary, located just 500 feet from the Las Vegas Strip. ,

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