April 20th is a special day for cannabis users across the world. A day when cannabis lovers unite and celebrate the plant. This day may not mean too much to some, but it can be a great excuse to treat yourself to some luxury chocolate edibles that you may not usually splurge on.

Delicious infused-chocolate edibles will be an excellent way to set the scene for your 420 at-home celebrations! We’re sure that you will be eager to try the chocolate bars we offer. With unique flavors and textures from trusted brands like Dreamland Chocolates, Dixie Edibles, Mindy’s, and Cannabiniers, we’re sure that everyone will be able to find a product that will suit their cravings! 

The real question is how exactly can you amp up your 420 festivities? We have provided a list of activities and new ways to enjoy cannabis-infused edibles below.

How To Dose With Premium Chocolate Edibles

First, let’s start with dosing instructions. Each product is slightly different in dosing so make sure you read the packaging thoroughly to understand how to dose properly. 

A standard dose of THC is 10mg. This is often one piece of a premium chocolate edible, NOT the whole bar! Most cannabis-infused chocolate bars have 100mg total of THC. It’s recommended that you start out with one dose (or less) and then wait approximately forty-five minutes to two hours for your edible to take effect. If you do not feel any effects after two hours, repeat the dosing process.

We know how exciting it is to finally get your hands on luxury chocolate edibles, but do yourself a favor and read the dosing instructions for each product first! Otherwise, you may find yourself having a bad cannabis trip

Edibles For Breakfast

Now with the dosing out of the way we can get into how to enjoy your luxury chocolate edibles!

Adding a little bit of our cannabis-infused chocolate to your regular breakfast will give it a kick which will be perfect on a day like this. Serve your breakfast with a side of luxury chocolate edibles. Or you can mix one dose into coffee or hot chocolate for an infused-treat that will certainly help wake you up! Any cannabis lover will be delighted.

Add Luxury Chocolate Edibles to Dessert

Chocolate forms the foundation for many of the most popular desserts around the world. Adding cannabis to the mix is a great way to show off your creativity and really add to the luxurious vibe of your 420.

Want dessert, but crafted with a sensible dose of THC? Try creating ice cream sundaes. Use only one 10 mg dose of THC. Scoop as many scoops of ice cream into a bowl (no judgment here!), add toppings such as hot fudge, sprinkles, non-infused candies, and then take one dose of a Dreamland Chocolates bar and crush over the top of your sundae. Add whipped cream if that’s your thing!

Just make sure to have plenty of non-infused ingredients and ice cream if you want seconds without an intense high.

The Entertainment Maker

There are few things better than getting high and curling up to watch a movie. Our menu of luxury chocolate edibles is perfect for this! Find a snack to enjoy when you settle down for the evening on 420. Try making a list of funny movies you have always wanted to watch on Netflix and pick one to pair with your edible experience.

Treat You And Your Friends to Luxury Chocolate Edibles

There’s no 420 without some of the best luxury chocolate edibles in Las Vegas! Order your favorite products online from ReLeaf and sit back and relax while your products are being delivered to your home!

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