Unique Marijuana Smoking Pieces

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Smoking marijuana usually requires a smoking device of some kind. For medical marijuana patients, using a quality smoking piece is a must when taking your medication. See the following examples of quality and unique marijuana smoking pieces and consider upgrading your marijuana smoking device to a high quality, uniquely created and artistically beautiful design.

Marijuana Smoking Pipes

Envy Glass Designs

The first exotic marijuana piece we want to highlight you can find right in our Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary. Hewady Glass Water Designs is a family owned business with completely unique pieces, individually created with the utmost care. These designs you won’t find anywhere else with individual pieces featuring agate, quartz crystals and even kryptonite. Visit Las Vegas ReLeaf’s online ordering to see the selection of Envy Glass Designs we have for our patients.

Blazin Bottles  

If you are looking for a unique marijuana smoking piece and wanting to support a good cause, check out Blazin Bottles. This veteran-owned company prides itself on recycling old glass bottles into beautiful smoking devices. Every Blazin Shortstack (see picture below) sold, they donate a percentage of the profits to the selected charity for the color you buy. For example, if one buys a pink Blazin Bottle, a percentage of the profits will go straight to the American Cancer Society to help raise money for breast cancer.

Zong Glass

Looking for a glass piece that’s got spunk? See the original Zong Glass, handmade with the highest quality glass available. Each “no spill waterpipe” is handcrafted and made to order right here in the United States. See their website for all their waterpipe and handpipe selection.


Searching for something a little more artsy but still smokable? Look at Zamnesia for acrylic, ceramic, glass and metal bongs. You can even find a selection of shishas, oil bongs and more accessories.

If you are all set on your favorite marijuana smoking device, check out our online ordering section to see the other medical marijuana accessories we have available. Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf to see all our smoking pieces, accessories and products. ,