Veterans Rally for Medical Marijuana, the Senate Finally Listens

By January 16th, 2020 No Comments

Veterans have been working hard to make their voices heard, and the senate finally listened. Medical marijuana is known to provide beneficial treatment for those, like veterans, suffering from PTSD. Veterans are fighting for their chance to medicinally use marijuana, including most recently a march to the White House in protest. The veteran protesters even filled the sidewalks with thousands of empty pill bottles, collected from around the country in memory of those veterans who lost their lives off the battlefield.
Just one day before the protest began, the senate finally passed legislation allowing doctors to discuss the option of medical cannabis treatment in 23 states. While this does not change the federal illegality of using medical marijuana, it allows veterans in states with medical marijuana the chance to consider medical cannabis an option for treatment. This is an important first step, but there is still a long road ahead before all veterans suffering from PTSD will be allowed the opportunity to consider all treatment options, including medical marijuana.
The protest veterans marched last week not only demonstrates the importance of allowing veterans access to medical marijuana, it also highlights how current prescription medication treatment of veterans is not good enough. The goal of the peaceful protest was to raise awareness about the dangerous effects of prescription drugs and remind people that the current veteran suicide rate is 22 per day. These veterans should be allowed access to an alternative form of medication, like medical cannabis, that could provide help when other medications are failing.
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